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Simple Swaps to Slim Down

Are you struggling with weight loss or trying to feed yourself and your family healthy foods day in and day out?

Are you struggling with your weight?

Do you find it difficult to lose fat and keep it off?

I completely understand where you are coming from!

In the past I felt out of control around food, my cravings for sweets and salty food were unstoppable. I had very little energy and trouble sleeping.

I struggled with skin issues, poor digestion, low mood, high stress and debilitating pain. I was terrified to gain weight and a slave to the numbers on the scale.

Then I discovered the Simple Swap approach. It has helped me to slim down after having each of my 6 babies!

I now have vibrant energy and feel great. I transitioned from teaching in the classroom to educating others on how to feel and look their best.

For the past 15 years I have coached hundreds of clients just like you.

My FREE Simple Swaps Guide is for you if you answer YES to any of the following questions...


  • Are you feeling defeated with weight loss? 
  • Do you feel out of control around food?
  • Are you suffering from uncontrollable food cravings? 
  • Have you tried everything but the weight just won't come off? 
  • Do you long to get your body back?
  • Have you lost your confidence or joy for life?
  • Are you tired and sluggish?

Are you ready to change your life using the
Simple Nourish Food Swaps approach?

These people did when they started working with Health Coach Cheryl.

“I have lost 10 inches following Cheryl’s Simple Swaps program! I am so happy to be at my ideal size!"

Donalda Rhode - Nurse's Aide

Health Coach Cheryl approaches fat loss from a holistic, integrative perspective to give you real, sustainable results.

"Cheryl provides a down to earth and real approach to food and ensures busy people and families get the proper information on nutrition without compromising on quality or taste.

Cheryl is a true advocate for whole foods and knows the value of proper nutrition in everyone's life.”

Corrine Johnson - Author of Fresh! Cookbook

Are you ready to get your life back?

How would you feel if you knew exactly how to do this?  How would you feel if you could lose fat and keep it off for good?  How would it feel to have caring support to get your life back?

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This guide is my secret weapon for health and fat loss.  You can start making small changes today for big results!

Simple Swaps to Slim Down!

The simple swaps approach is the answer to freedom around food

You can be free of food cravings! 

You can stop dieting and stop counting calories! 

You can even throw out your scale!

This approach has not only been proven by my own success but also by the success of the countless clients that I have coached over the last 15 years.

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We know Health Coach Cheryl's Simple Food Swaps Guide will help you conquer the cravings and achieve the fat loss you so desperately crave. Act now to see it for yourself.